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Here are some (unsolicited) comments from my clients:

January 15, 2024:

Many thanks again for your great help!
I will definitively recommend you and come back to you if I need some more copy editing.

August 28, 2023:

Thank you a lot for the final version, we benefited tremendously from your editing.

April 25, 2023:

Thank you again for your help. Your professional editing has really taken this manuscript to another level.

April 19, 2023:

Thank you so much.

Do you remember your help with my manuscript on the context of REDACTED? It has been already cited more than 350 times and has the potential to become one of the most influential works in the REDACTED literature. I could not do that without your help. Thank you for your support in one of the defining moments of my career.

February 25, 2023:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help with the editing work. Your dedication and professionalism have left a deep impression on me, and I truly appreciate your efforts.

February 20, 2023:

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude for your exceptional work on this project. Your contributions have been of immense value to our team.


September 26, 2022:

Thank you once again for the fantastic editing! It was a pleasure working with you, and I like the edited version very much! I already look forward to working with you on the next project, if possible.

September 9, 2022:

I trust your work and it's always the fun part to give you the final responsibility of the text : )

August 29, 2022:

Thank you again for the great work on the manuscript! I am very happy with the final outcome : ): )

May 6, 2022:

Thank you very much for your efficient and excellent work!

March 3, 2022:

I appreciate again ... your wonderful English copy editing work.

September 18, 2021:

Thank you so much! It is great to see how the quality of the paper improves with your suggestions.

August 6, 2021:

Thank you again for all the work! The paper looks great. We will probably contact you again when we need to revise the paper.

January 13, 2021:

Thank you very much for your excellent editing, the paper is much better than the original one. Every time we read your revision, we learn a lot.

November 15, 2020:

Thank you very much for copy-editing this paper! I am really grateful for your suggestions for improvement, which help me a lot.

August 29, 2020:
I want to thank you so much for your suggestions and edits. They are super helpful.

June 17, 2020:
It's a pure pleasure working with you. I always find my text so brilliant after considering all the changes you make.
Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet
Université de Sherbrooke

May 4, 2020:
I am very impressed with your editing ! I may ask you for every paper I write from now on.

April 28, 2020:
Thank you very much for all your comments and suggestions for improvement, which have helped us a lot to improve our manuscript.

November 20, 2019:
The changes you made show an excellent understanding of this work, which is amazing for one not in the same field. I also appreciate all your efforts to make the writing accurate including your questions. I feel that I have found the right person for this paper. Thank you!

November 8, 2019:
thank you very much for your outstanding feedback! We are currently revising the manuscript and are continuously impressed by your feedback's high quality.

August 5, 2019:
Thank you for the exceptionally thorough work that you put into these documents! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

July 27, 2019:
Thank you very much again for your very beneficial input! We are very satisfied with the result and will certainly recommend you as a copy editor in the future.

March 1, 2019:
With your brilliant copy editing, my last paper was finally accepted by the journal!! Thank you so much for the help. I have introduced you to several of my colleagues.

September 26, 2018:
Thank you so much for your thorough work, all your helpful comments, and for the quick turnaround.

August 24, 2018:
As I go through your edits carefully, I am continually affirmed that working with a copy editor is one of the smartest things I can do with my research funds. Thank you so much for your care and expertise.

June 25, 2018:
It is lovely to see how the article [has] been improved.

June 6, 2018:
Thank you again for all of [your] help and support! Your edits were again excellent and to the point. You made the paper read much, much better.

March 26, 2018:
Thank you again for doing such a great job editing the manuscript! I hope the reviewers will appreciate it, too.

February 23, 2018:
Just wanted you to know that the Journal I submitted to accepted my manuscript that you edited for publication. They accepted without revisions!  Thanks so much.

November 11, 2017:
Thank you so much for your quick and detailed work! Whenever a colleague is looking for an editor, I will definitely recommend you!

September 21, 2017:
I'm very grateful for your thorough work. There are a lot of insights that I had not considered.

September 14, 2017:
I thank you for your help, it was much appreciated, both with the text and the math.
I was impressed with your feedback and with how closely you could interpret the material... You definitely knew the math!

July 26, 2017:
Thank you for your great work on the manuscript! We will go through the remarks more thoroughly later, but I can already see that it has profited a lot from your editing.

July 24, 2017:
Thank you so much. You did an awesome job on my manuscript.... My paper flows so much better. I have recommended you to my colleagues.
Angela Goins
Houston, TX

June 30, 2017:
Thanks for your detailed work. I really learned a lot from your editing.

April 29, 2017:
I am very pleased with Merrie’s editing. She is very careful in how she approaches the text. She is sensitive to the author’s intention, she takes a holistic view of the overall story, and shows genuine interest in the final product. I am very much looking forward to turning to her for my future projects.

April 25, 2017:
I looked through your edits and see that you have done great work with the paper.... I like your active style in improving text and it is clear that you have a good judgment, which saves a lot of work for us. You made this paper a lot better. This is exactly the type of editor we wanted.

February 15, 2017:
Merrie does excellent work - she's precise and her comments are very helpful. Everything I have sent her has gotten published.

August 31, 2016:
Thank you for [the edited manuscript]  and for being such a great collaborator. I just finished the acknowledgments and you will find your name there when the book is out.

March 7, 2016:
Thank you very much for your work. It was quick and very thorough! I definitely will send you more future manuscripts, and refer friends who need professional editing services.

February 4, 2016:
I really appreciate your wonderful  work, the article looks shining after your editing, thank you very much!

January 27, 2016:
Thank you for sending me the final edited version of my paper. It is now obviously much clearer than the original, and I hope my potential readers would benefit from that clarity. I'm really grateful to your dedication to detail and quality.

January 21, 2016:
Thank you so much for your thorough copy editing … in particular, your remarks on [redacted] are highly appreciated – they made me understand that I was really not very clear in that paragraph and I hope it’s better now.

November 12, 2015:
Thank you very much for your expertise, time and kind help. Your feedbacks are very timely and helpful. My research statement now looks much better. Glad I have your helping hand throughout past several edits. Hope we can work together again for another writing in the future.

September 19, 2015:
During the last 1,5 years you have edited the most relevant parts of my PhD research and publications. I am very thankful for your thoughts and comments that helped improve the presentation of my work.

February 12, 2015:
Thank you for copy-editing my chapters and giving me the warm words. It is really encouraging.... As an international student, writing a dissertation in English was not an easy task, and I have got frustrated so many times. So, I truly appreciate your help and words of encouragement.

January 30, 2015:
Indeed, thanks Merrie! You've worked wonders, as always. I am grateful.

December 1, 2014:
Please let me thank you for the intelligent reviewing [of] my paper. Actually, your work is fantastic. When I read your questions and suggestions, I felt you were as a supervisor in networking!
I really appreciate that, and I [wish I had] met you before now ...

October 27, 2014:
Thank You Merrie, You really did an incredible job, having spent some time with the revisions I'm really amazed how much difference the small grammatical fixes made in relation to the whole!  Would you mind being acknowledged in the acknowledgements?  Again, thanks a lot for all the help, and it was great working with you.

March 15, 2014:
Thank you very much! I am very pleased with your work and plan to use you again in the very near future and recommend your services to my
doctoral students.

March 8, 2014:
Thank you so much for your work. I really love your work and efforts to understand contents.

February 4, 2014:
You are amazing. I wish you were my advisor.

November 27, 2013:
The text was so flawless thanks to you ... I just wanted to let you know how wonderful an edit you did.

October 29, 2013:
Thank you very much for your great and high quality editing service.
You help me see the blind spots of my writing and demonstrate … better (clear and compact) options for expressing my ideas.

October 25, 2013:
Thank you so much again for all your tremendous support! The process working with you teaches me so much about writing and my hopes for my writing too. The letters feel very strong and appreciate the clarity and grace that has been included with your feedback and tremendous guidance on revising the letters.

June 22, 2013:
Thanks very much for your editing. It is wonderful and has improved the quality of writing significantly. You comments and suggestions are very clear and useful and I could easily correct them by myself.

April 25, 2013:
Saying that I am grateful is an understatement! So, I'll say that I am extremely grateful for your services. In fact, I am 100% pleased with the way in which you improved my manuscript, without changing my contribution or the "essence" of the paper. Thank you so much! I will definitely contact you in the future as my research continues.

January 24, 2013:
Thank you and will keep dealing with you, also will recommend you to my good colleagues, they need such expert person in this field exactly.

December 12, 2012:
Thank you again Merrie. My article is now ready for publication thanks to your fine-grained editing, brilliant re-organization of sections, and targeted formatting for the specific journal. You have made my rather complex argument easy to read and understand. Great work!

October 31, 2012:
What an amazing job you made! I learned so much, so many words, English phrasing... not to mention the editorial remarks. The ms is so much better because of you. So nice to have someone like you go over it all, it makes a huge difference. I almost like it again.... Thank you again for all your hard work on it, I do believe that it is a hundred times better thanks to your help.

Apr. 11, 2012:
I finally got some time this morning to review your editing. I don't know what to say. Once again, your editing is remarkable! You bring out the best part of my writing and allow the reader to easily comprehend the main points. I am very grateful for your attention to detail.

Mar. 21, 2012:
I strongly recommend Professor Bergmann to edit your text. Her work is very professional, she actually helped me to improve my manuscript. I have also appreciated her style, seriousness and helpfulness. She is committed to you in the sense that she stays with you until you consider your manuscript is fine and ready to be submitted. For me, this "face-to-face" contact with the copy editor is crucial. So, since I know the work of M. Bergmann, I will avoid "big english editing" companies.

Feb. 14, 2012:
I have been reading over your edits and all I have to say is REMARKABLE. You make the paragraphs flow. You make the argument clearer. I can't thank you enough for all your work. I am very grateful.

Jan. 10, 2012:
[She] has a precise and profound sense of the English language and a keen eye for detail. She not only carefully checked grammar and punctuation but also provided a number of constructive comments for improving the overall quality of the paper, which I appreciate immensely. She even went out of her way to make sure that the paper meets the guidelines of the targeted journal. She is by far the best editor I have ever worked with in my entire academic career. My heartfelt thanks for your excellent editing. I will definitely come back for more.

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