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My academic editing is a mixture of copy editing, substantive editing, and proofreading.

I go through every manuscript three times. During the first pass, I focus on correcting grammar, checking for conformance to style guidelines, and getting an overall sense of what you've written. During the second pass, I focus on content and organization. Then I return the manuscript to you with questions and suggestions. Finally, guided by your response, I go over the manuscript a third time to make necessary adjustments and for a final proofreading.

Proofreading and Copy Editing

I will:

   ♦ proofread your document and correct typos, punctuation errors, and misspelled words
   ♦ correct grammatical and word usage errors
   ♦ reword sentences for clarity and conciseness, and eliminate repetition
   ♦ ensure that you have a consistent style
   ♦ suggest reorganization when it will improve the flow of your ideas
   ♦ point out where additional material would clarify your presentation
   ♦ correct formatting so that your document looks clean and neat
   ♦ ensure that your document conforms to your chosen style manual

Style Manuals

I will follow the guidelines provided by your choice of style manual:

   ♦ American Psychological Association (APA)
   ♦ Modern Languages Association (MLA)
   ♦ Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)
   ♦ Harvard AGPS (Australian Government Publishing Service)
   ♦ your university's style manual
   ♦ your target journal's style manual
   ♦ any other style manual you care to provide

ESL/EFL Editing

English Language Editing Certificate

I am experienced at editing academic documents written by non-native English speakers. I will correct linguistic errors and rewrite sentences so that your document reads as if it were written by a native English speaker.

I can edit to conform to either American or British English standards.

As part of my editing services, I will provide (upon request) a certificate stating that your manuscript was edited by a native English speaker. This certificate can be presented to journals along with your article submission to assure them that your writing meets English language standards, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall style. There is no additional charge for this certificate.

Subject Matter Expertise

I have graduate degrees in philosophy and computer science. I also have considerable expertise in linguistics.

In addition to the above fields, I have edited engineering documents and documents coming from a broad spectrum across the humanities and social sciences.

Contact me to inquire about my ability to edit documents from other academic fields.

File Formats

I can edit documents in many different file formats, including:

   ♦ MS Word
   ♦ HTML
   ♦ PDF
   ♦ TeX

I prefer to edit Microsoft Word files and will use the built-in "Track Changes" feature to make changes.


The documents that you submit to me are your property and yours alone. I will not share your documents or their contents with any other person, and I will destroy my local copies of your file upon satisfactory completion of your project.


I will work with your original manuscript until you are fully satisfied with the editing.

While I cannot guarantee that your article/dissertation will be accepted, I do guarantee that your English usage, style, and formatting will be impeccable.


I designed and built this website.

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Other matters

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